We’re Nikki & Amanda, creators of Style Eat Sweat Repeat.


Let us introduce ourselves:

We met as college freshman in 2008 and with a lot in common when it came to our lifestyle, we quickly became friends. Since graduating, we have lived in different cities for work and during the weekdays, we both work full time in advertising & marketing.

But of course like all other 20 somethings, we really look forward to the weekends. We’re always on the go… Going to events, visiting family, goin’ out with the girls & guys and travelling.

And because expressing your style, enjoying food and working out is  so much better when shared with friends, the Style Eat Sweat Repeat blog and Instagram (@style.eat.sweat.repeat) started as a creative outlet for us to share lifestyle inspiration and motivation.

Up until this year, we’ve been slowly creating content separately (Nikki in Toledo & Amanda in Milwaukee)… but this summer, we are SUPER pumped because we’ll both now live in the same state of O-H-I-O! (Still different cities BUT distance wise, it’s only 2 hours instead of 7 so we’ll take it).

This means more time together to work on collaboration projects in Cleveland and Toledo doing more things related to our lifestyle and goals. There’s so much more content coming and ideas to get going, we can’t wait to share!

Above all, we hope what you see from Style Eat Sweat Repeat gives you ideas and inspiration to do more of what makes you happy. The goal is to get out there and be the best versions of ourselves. Let’s get after it together, y’all. 🙂

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Instagram: @style.eat.sweat.repeat

Twitter: @SESRlife