Back to Basics With Workouts, Routines and Other Things

It has been such a busy year so far, making it extra hard to believe it is already the end of April! From January until the end of March I was working crazy hours and a lot of overtime because I was a part of a special project at work. Add in some travel (both work and play) and the news that my husband and I are moving to another state (yet again), you can probably understand me when I say I’ve started to feel a little off track with this whole ‘life’ thing.  A nice slap in the ass from the lovely world of ADULTING, right!?

This cycle has happened a few times now but the difference this time around is its affected many aspects of my life. Fitness being a big one because during this special project, I discontinued my CrossFit gym membership since I didn’t have enough free time to justify the cost. What this made me realize is when one element of your routine slips, it opens up the chance for more elements of your routine to get pushed aside.

Luckily, I’ve been able to keep my mindset positive for the most part but this past weekend I did have a few mini-breakdowns.  Looking at it form the outside, being off from a routine for three months doesn’t do anyone any good. Not me, not my goals, and certainly not what I can offer to my family, dog, friends and this community I want to build.

So the point is this.  I’m pulling myself out of this rut by taking every aspect of my life back to basics.

  • For Fitness – I am focusing on rebuilding strength with body-weight movements and core stability. Consistency is what has been missing and therefore time moving around in the gym or at home is going to happen every day no. matter. what.
  • For Organization – I’ve come to realize I am in desperate need of a daily routine. Because I’ve felt frantic trying to fit things in when I could, its time to channel my childhood and get back on track with a set bedtime, wake up time and eating schedule. I’m also dedicating time to clean out my emails, computer files, notes, and clutter in general.
  • For Mindset – I am going to jump back into meditating daily, plus dedicating time a few days a week to practice yoga.  I also want to work on being more curious. This is a quality I used to come natural to me but I noticed it too has burned out.

Speaking of curiosity!… As I am writing this I thought to myself I wonder if there is an app that can help me rebuild my habits?  And guess what?!… There is! I downloaded the Productive app and set up the habits I just mentioned I want to get back on track with.


I’m going to give this a try and will check back next week with my progress!

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