Becoming a Spinning Instructor

This past weekend I accomplished something that I have wanted to do for over 4 years now… become a certified indoor cycling instructor!

Ever since the first indoor cycling class I went to, I always thought it would be really awesome to become an instructor. As Nikki and I continued to cycle together regularly throughout college, we realized it was something we both had an interest in, and the dream evolved into possibly owning our own studio one day.

So here we are almost 5 years later and we have finally taken the next step – to go from student to instructor. Finding a program to get certified with was kind of challenging since there is no ‘right’ answer as to which is the best. After researching all of the options, we registered for the Spinning certification through Mad Dogg Athletics.

After three months of waiting for the training day, studying the manual and taking the certification exam, I can officially say I am a certified Spinning instructor! I am beyond excited to begin creating class plans, badass playlists and to take my involvement with the sport I love to the next level.

I could talk for days about everything that lead up to this (and will in future posts) but for now I wanted to just take a minute to write something short and sweet to capture this moment.

Now it’s time to find a gym that is looking for instructors!

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