Can anyone say… HELLO YELLOW!

I was recently inspired by a move into a new home and an H & M commercial I ran across.  I just had to share it with Amanda, and she had an idea to embrace yellow.  I had a lot of fun with this outfit.

These bicycle pants are my new favorite Fall accessory.  I found these pants while visiting Amanda in Minneapolis.  She introduced me to the Buffalo Exchange, which is a hip resale store with styles from all decades.  If you ever get the chance, I suggest you tap into your inner style goddess and go!  The jade/forest green relaxed tee (a staple piece from Target) is the heart of the outfit.  It really unifies the outfit, bringing together the colors and the patterns.  I have owned these boots for two plus years, and this is the first time they were worn out on my feet for an entire day.  They were a steal from Forever 21.  Here is where the yellow comes in –  along with another favorite fall trend right now, my PLAID button up.  And like any true Midwesterner, I topped this outfit off with a vest.


Shop the outfit here:

Target Relaxed Tee

Plaid Button Up

Bicycle Pants


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