Casual Sweater, Distressed Levi’s & Lucky Boots

Sweater weather has been easier than usual for me to transition into this year. It helps that I found a lot of sweaters that I liked… especially in a variety of colors (since I tend to just buy grey everything 🙂 )


I love how the color of the sweater pulls the purple hues out of my FAVORITE druzy necklace.  The thing that completes this look though are my new Lucky boots … they are really great for any occasion & I’ve found myself wearing them with almost everything!

It’s a cold Sunday in Cleveland today and we had our first snow of the winter yesterday! It’s hard to say that I’m ready for it… but I’ll make the most of it once it stays since I’m looking forward to (hopefully) snowboarding a few times this season.

Anyway, the rest of my day will include meal prepping, planning for my week ahead and some light cleaning. I’ve also got some work to get done for the blog organizing ideas & content planning PLUS a littttlllle bit of “real” work work (if I have time).

I’m excited to keep my new schedule going, which finally gives me the extra time I can spend more consistently here. I talk more about the recent change in my schedule in this post.

Surprisingly, winter is my favorite season for changes to “happen” since it seems to be the most chill (no pun intended, ha!), allowing you to focus.

Things I’ll be talking more about here over the next couple of weeks will be about cleaning up my diet, picking it up in gym and my never-ending search for new winter clothes.

Stay tuned

»» Amanda 

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