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Last week I wrote about how I was beginning a new workout training program at a local CrossFit gym. Before joining the regular classes, all new members are required to complete 5 basic classes to go over technique and form.

I have completed 3 of 5 intro classes and I’M FEELING IT… in my shoulders and inner thighs. But I am also loving the gym – it has a good atmosphere and I’m looking forward to getting to know the other members!

Exercises practiced so far:

Front squat – The basic mechanics are to keep your weight on your heels, shoulders back and engage your core. It’s been a couple of months since I have regularly practiced squats but they came back naturally, but I need to focus on keeping my core tight.

Pull up – We all have nightmares about these – unless you can do them. For now, mine are jump assisted but I’ll get there. 🙂

Press –  These are pretty simple – starting position is a barbell ‘rested’ on the front of your shoulders then pushed straight up, finishing with locked arms.  Primary muscles used are your arms.  I have the mechanics down, now its just about getting stronger and focusing on keeping my core engaged.

Push Press – Similar to the above, with the addition of a slight bend/jump in the legs so you can push more weight.  The finishing position is arms locked overhead in an upright stance. My starting weight = 10 pounds, using a 15 lb. training bar.

Push Jerk – Same movement as the push press, with the difference in the finishing position of a slight bend in the legs. This movement, once again, allows for more weight to be added.

Clean / Jerk / Snatch – these moves have similar components which includes some variation of keeping the barbell close to the body, using the hips to transfer the weight of the bar as you lift it.  There are many moving parts that all happen within split seconds of each other which makes these moves (especially the snatch) among the most difficult.  Right now my form is somewhat robotic because the hardest part [for me] is stringing each of the movements together smoothly.

Here are few videos that demonstrate how they are done.
The Clean/Jerk
The Snatch

More to come on progress with these exercises/movements!

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