Electric Forest Music Fest

Electric Forest was my first music festival EVER and I have to start off by saying it will forever be one of my favorite experiences. Every June, thousands of free-spirits travel to Rothbury Michigan for a weekend flowing with good vibes.

You know what also happens to be in June? My birthday AND my friend Marissa’s birthday so WE BOUGHT TICKETS as presents to ourselves/each other 🙂

Once we got to our camp site, I think we set up in about 5 seconds because we were so anxious to get in and explore the forest festivities. Even though we’ve seen pictures of past years, we still had no idea what to expect so we just took it all in as we went.

Walking into the forest for the first time at night was absolutely magical. To just say the lights are SO cool would be an understatement… they literally bring the forest to life and well, it’s… electric.  With so many talented artists and great music, some highlights for us were NoMBe, Cashmere Cat, FLUME, Illenium… the list goes on and on.

I can’t believe how fast this weekend went by and when I left I thought to myself “Until we meet again…” ?


x Amanda



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