Fitness Progress – Month One

The number on the scale has never really meant much to me since my weight for the last few years seems to fluctuate between 125 and 132 and instead what mattered is how my clothes fit.  But when we start a workout routine, we want to see results, and usually hope to see them fast.

I’ve learned that consistency is the only thing that is going to get me there and that I need to be patient and persistent along the way. I think for most of us, that is easier said than done and after a few weeks may get discouraged. I know I have said before “I’ve been working out and eating clean for weeks and haven’t seen a change and when I’m not working out and eating whatever I want I also don’t gain weight so what’s the point?”  And yet, I still start the workout routines and clean eating cycles over and over again in effort to see the changes I know can come from exercise and a good diet.

Finding a way to show myself any progress, no matter how small has been motivating in the past which is why I am starting up again with logging measurements and progress photos.

When I started CrossFit a little over a month ago I had weighed in at 132 pounds and measured in (inches) at:

  • Waist – 28.5
  • Belly – 34
  • Hips – 36.5
  • R Leg – 22.5
  • L Leg – 23
Fitness starting point, January 23, 2016
Fitness starting point, January 23, 2016

The mistake I’ve made in the past is thinking you see results in the mirror within a week or two. I’ve since realized it can be much longer than that, especially if you don’t have as much extra weight to lose so for the next few months, I plan to post a monthly progress update with photos and measurements.

My goals over the past month (January – February) were to clean up my diet and start up again with counting my macros (which I will give more details about in a future post), build up my strength slowly (since I’m paranoid of getting injured), and to start toning up while possibly losing a few lbs.

So here I am, one month into my CrossFit routine, weighing in around 130 pounds a loss of around 4 inches total!

  • Waist – 27.5
  • Belly – 32
  • Hips – 35 3/4
  • R Leg – 22
  • L Leg – 23
Fitness progress month one
Fitness Progress – Month One, February 21, 2016


If I left this up to my old method of just looking in the mirror, I wouldn’t have seen any differences. The comparison photos are the only way I can actually see the small changes and progress over the last month. Sure, the photos aren’t perfect which is the next area for improvement, BUT I can start to see a slimmer mid section and some muscle tone in my shoulders and back.

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