Friday Night Indulgence: Tator Tot Grilled Cheese


You ate great all week.  You committed to a workout everyday.  You deserve to indulge right?  This Tator Tot Grilled Cheese sandwich is your Friday night treat!

What You’ll Need:

Waffle Iron
Tator Tots
Kraft cheese (Use as many cheese slices as you’d like.  I used one slice)



I recommend letting the tator tots thaw a little before putting them on the waffle iron.  When they are thawed, place the tator tots in the waffle iron, covering the entire plate, and close the iron to cook.  When the tator tot patty is cooked, take it off the iron and place on a plate.  Fill the waffle iron with tutor tots again as you did for the first tator tot patty and cook.  When that patty is cooked, place you cheese on the patty and bring the other tutor tot patty on top of the cheese, close the iron and cook.  When finished, cut with a pizza cutter!



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