Half Marathon Training Begins

Shoes – check. Training plan – check. The time has come where I absolutely have to start running consistently to prepare for the Detroit Half Marathon on October 18, 2015.


I’ve been running off and on all summer long but now it’s 9 weeks out and time to get serious.

The first stop was the running store to get new shoes. I had been running with the Saucony Guide 8, which I really liked, however after two pairs of the same brand I was up to try something different. The Brooks Pure Cadence promote running on the balls of your feet (aka POSE technique) and were slightly more comfortable when going a half size up.

As for the plan – I know I should have started earlier but running is not something I look forward to longer than for a light 3 mile cardio workout. Nonetheless, I was able to find a few 8-week training plans (here and here) that I am going to use as guides for the next two months until the race.

Total miles for this week (week #1) = 10.5, with this Sunday’s long run an easy 3 miles.


This will be my second time running the Detroit Half Marathon (the first was last October, 2014) and due to severe shin splints early on in my training, I could not keep up with my 12 week plan.

My goal this go around is to follow the plan consistently, log each run in the MyFitnessPal app to track progress, and to increase long runs by 1 mile each Sunday. This means that by the Sunday before the race, my longest run will be 10 miles. And hey, if you can run 1o, you can run 13! (This is what I am telling myself and it is not intended as training advice.)

Lastly, in attempt to make up for lost time I will keep cross training (spinning, HIIT and yoga) to help increase muscle strength and endurance.

Cheers to another week!

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