Indoor Spinning Season Has Arrived

For the past year, my husband and I have been living in Minnesota and the first thing we noticed is that outdoor road cycling is the thing to do here… all year long. So for my birthday in June he surprised me with Breezer Downtown road/mountain hybrid bike. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’ve loved taking my rides outside throughout the summer and fall, but unlike the native Minnesotans, I will not be riding my bike through the cold temps and snow.

This means it’s indoor cycling season!


Before getting my outdoor bike earlier this summer, I was spinning indoors regularly at least once a week. You’d probably think that going back indoors would make for an easy workout but there is such a difference from riding indoors to outdoors that I’m kind of nervous about going back!

It’s challenging as hell, which is why I fell in love with the sport, but I thought I’d keep my motivation up before I take my first indoor ride of the season on Saturday by reflecting on all the reasons why I love spinning – and why anyone else would too!

The music.  I rate a spinning class solely on the music. It’s what brings energy to the room and my top spinning experiences are when the drills vibe with the beat.   I don’t mean that I expect the instructor to know all my favorite songs, but it is 100% important that you feel connected to it during the ride. When you’re feelin’ the music, you’ll always have a great ride.

Time goes by fast. Being highly impatient, this one is HUGE for me. Most classes are an hour long and when I think about spending an hour on any other type of cardio, I instantly become de-motivated. I’m happy to say that’s not the case with spinning. Before you know it the class is half way over, you’re kicking ass and you’re going to finish it out.

You sweat. Spinning is both high-endurance and high-resistance which leads to higher heart rate and sweat. I do not sweat easily but because I’m totally the person who feels more satisfied with a workout if I can feel it, I love that I break a little sweat during a spin class. One of my favorite instructors always said “WE DO THIS FOR OUR COMPLEXION” and he was so right.

It’s even better with friends. My spin love all began back in college when Nikki and I stumbled upon a 6:15 morning class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the University of Toledo rec center. Even though it was tough as hell to get up that early, it was easy to meet a friend at the gym no matter what time it was. Riding with friends is a great way to help you stay consistent.


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