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This week marks the official start of teaching cycling classes on a regular schedule and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

Summer is rough on class attendance because people are out enjoying the weather which makes it common for many clubs to temporarily cut some classes and bring them back in the fall.

While I’m not necessarily ready for summer to be gone, I’ve also been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to have a permanent spot on the schedule. And wow, did I get lucky with not just one class, but two!!! Both are on Mondays, starting at 6 a.m. and another location at 5:45 pm.

My absolute favorite part of leading the class is making the playlists and choreographing the ride. I believe riding in sync with the rhythm adds to the energy of the ride, making it an experience instead of just a class.

This weeks playlist defiantly sends out inspirational vibes and perfectly set the tone for what to expect when riding with me. Check it out!

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