Lifestyle Interview – July Edition

Each year we say “It’s going to be the best summer ever!” The thing we love about this is how each and every summer ends up being the best one ever, like your own collection of Greatest Hits. We are fully embracing the best season, and look forward to a month full of festive events and fun with friends & family.

Here’s a look into our goals and plans this month:

STYLE — How is summer inspiring your style?

NIKKI:  My month of July is filled with a good amount of bridal and baby showers, so you can spot me wearing dresses to all of these events while catching me in a bathing suit and cover up on my chill days.  When I don’t have weekend plans, all I want to do is layout and the sun and soak up its goodness.  You can’t take summer sunshine for granted in the midwest.  Yay for summer!

AMANDA: I finally feel like my style has been effortless the last couple of weeks, which is exactly how I know summer is here. More than ever, I feel like I am drawn to bohemian and all-american looks so you’ll see me in even more denim, loose, natural colored pieces.

It’s so awesome the “anything goes” shift is happening with personal style for a couple reasons.

  • #1 is because you can do/wear more of what YOU like
  • #2 is because the carefree look makes it easier to remix and re-purpose items you already have.

Last month I donated three full bags of clothes, purses and accessories… and having less stuff feels good. This month I have a few new pieces I’m excited to wear along with more skirts, rompers and dresses PLUS a few new outfits for the gym!

EAT — SOOo MANY Fruits and veggies….SOOo little time. What do you think about that?

NIKKI:   Okay guys, so every month I tell myself I am going to stick to my meal plan and I always fall off.  I really give myself a hard time when I fall off, and I need to realize that I’m human and it’s called BALANCE!  This July, I am really going to work hard to stick to my meal plan and only indulge on the weekends.  I pledge to stick to my meal plan throughout the week and only have healthy snacks during the week (no ice cream during the week – this will be so so tough!).  I really want to commit to my meal plan and succeed!  Stay tuned!

AMANDAIt is finally the time of the season that the summer fruits and veggies are harvested and ripe and ready to enjoy! Cooking is something that I have definitely become better at over the last 5 years since graduating college and I’ve been really motivated to take it up another notch lately.

Everything from main meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner to snacks and cocktails, I’m trying to include at least one fresh ingredient.

SWEAT — what are you looking forward to with fitness?

NIKKILast month, I vowed to take a ten minute walk after lunch at work and I am proud to say that I did it!  This is something that I am going to continue throughout the year.  I seriously felt amazing everyday after each walk and looked forward to it.

During July, I am going to commit to three 10-15 ab workouts per week, and one outdoor bike ride on the Toledo or Cleveland bike trails.

AMANDAThis month is going to be ? in the gym!!!

I recently wrote a post sharing some updates on my “fitness recovery” as I work through recovering minor injuries and rebuilding strength in core muscle groups. I’ve been getting back into the flow of things @ the YMCA the last couple of weeks spending about 20 minutes lifting and then 20 minutes of cardio.

This month I’m going to mix up the routine to split time inside & outside. Here’s the plan:

  • 2 gym visits per week (cycle, kick box and use equipment)
  • 2 outdoor workouts (cycling, jogging, cross-training)
  • 2 accessory workouts/stretch sessions (focusing on shoulder/back and core)


REPEAT — what is the number one thing sending you good vibes this month?

NIKKIThe sunshine and our group of friends is sending me good vibes during the month of July.  With all of these showers, I am beyond thrilled that I will get to see Amanda and all of our friends more.  When I am with them, I am most happy.  I am a child of the sun.  I love the sun.  It just makes me feel (and look) good.

AMANDA: I’ve mentioned how much I love music but there is something about the summertime that makes music even more majestic. Last month I went to the Zac Brown Band concert and at the end of June,  I camped for four days at the Electric Forest Music Festival  with our friend Marissa.

The music game in general is on point lately and it is the perfect time too… SO let’s get out, roll the windows down and turn the volume up. 😉
(Or better yet, sweat it out to Nikki’s rockin cycling playlists on Spotify)


We so hope everyone’s summer is already feeling like the best one yet!

××Amanda & Nikki ××


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