Lifestyle Interview – June Edition

If you’re like us, #memorialdayweekend is the ticket to summer… especially this year with June 1st being right afterwards! LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN! ?☀️??

Before diving into what we’ve got in store for June, a quick recap from our Insta + stories & blog… June will be the first month Amanda will be fully living in Ohio so we’ll have more opportunities to get together and collaborate on content to share with you guys! We are also both starting to develop new fitness routines which we’re excited to share after we give them a try.

So getting right into it…


It seems like summer is here fast this year! What is on your style radar as the temperatures get warmer?

Amanda: We are about to finish up moving this weekend (YAY!) so I’ll be able to start June with my wardrobe in a new closet & completely refreshed and cleaning through things I no longer need. I was able to pack up 2 full bags for donation/resale! That means June is going to full of outfits remixing some items I already own while fully transitioning into my summer capsule wardrobe.

This month I’m also working on some home style/decor projects and really practicing my photo styling skills since we’ll be in a new apartment right downtown Cleveland!

Nikki: Ready, set June!  I got the sudden urge to experiment with and step up my makeup game.  I have a pretty simple makeup routine: mascara, black eyeliner on the top lid, taupe penciled in eyebrows sprinkled with some eyeshadow and black under eyeliner on the weekends.  I had a great experience at Sephora with Brittany.  She did a mini on me and I love the look and rocked it all weekend.  For the month of June, I am going to continue to experiment with makeup and have more fun with it.

During the month of May, I was on a mission for clothes and ended up not finding anything I wanted (don’t you hate that?).  All month long, I was indecisive, although I did find a couple of cute pieces from H&M (can’t wait to share those with you in June).  So for the month of June, I don’t want to force my fashion; I am just going to enjoy my summer pieces and trust the shopping process, haha.



With so many fresh colors and flavors available in the summer, what’s on the menu in both of your kitchens’ for the next couple of weeks?

Amanda: Sticking with the sugar cleanse (somewhat) from last month, I’m getting more strict with it in June. I know you might be thinking but it’s summer what about all the treats & ice cream & cocktails on the patio!? Weirdly enough, I think this could be the perfect time for a fun challenge & to work on some alternative recipes so I can still have fun while staying on track with my goals. Because afterall, the phrase is true: you can’t out train a bad diet and since I want to cut a few of these extra lbs I’ve gathered, that means I gotta cut the sugar and alcohol too.

Nikki: I have to agree with Amanda.  Clean eating and ridding my body of alcohol are two health goals I will work to meet in June.  I really want to have a solid clean 30 days.  I want to commit to it, and JUST DO IT.  I feel amazing, and I really am looking to discipline myself.


You both mentioned focusing on fitness recently on social… what will be in your June workout routine?

Amanda: The biggest thing for me as I continue to recover is to get back into a consistent routine. So far I’ve been experimenting with waking up at 6:30 and just doing something. If you follow along on our IG stories, you’ll see some days I’m just driving to the gym around that time and once I get there it’s for 10 minutes on a treadmill and to foam roll. Other Days it’s more intense. The point is i’m there and doing something.

ALL that said, my specific goals for June are:

  • Every morning Walk/jog 1.5 miles with G
  • 2 days/week = swim
  • 2 days/week = yoga

Nikki: There is a neighborhood court next to my work complex that you can walk in under 10 minutes.  It’s a great refresher that I really want to take advantage of this summer!  My goal is to do this walk three to five times per week.



With the longer summer days comes more fun distractions (for sure the best season ever), how are you staying motivated and on track?!

Amanda: Hard core focus. I’ve always been consistently inconsistent when it comes to achieving extreme workout, fitness or personal change goals. This is mostly because at the end of the day I want to have a good time with the people i love and the things I love doing because life is about experiences. That said, as I get older (June is ALSO my birthday month and I’m turning 27!), I’m realizing how much better I feel when I’m riding the consistency train with my good habits.

SO the SHORT ANSWER IS… practicing discipline. Similar to what Nikki said above and as Nike would advise… JUST DO IT, Amanda. 🙂

Nikki: I am excited to create a bunch of spin playlists this month.  It’s the beginning of summer and the music is hot.  I’m looking forward to bringing the heat to my classes with fire music this June.  In June I will commit to making two spin playlists per week.

I also want to commit to being consistent in my food journal.  I stick to my meal plan when I journal my food, and it’s great to see the daily accomplishments on paper.

With both of you being in Ohio now, what are you looking forward to most in the month of June?

Amanda: Early June is our final move to downtown Cleveland so the next month will be full of exploring the neighborhood!

  • I’m so excited to be down there during the NBA finals (GO CAVS) and the start of baseball season (GO INDIANS)!
  • June is also my birthday month and I’m feeling some good celebration vibes…
  • If you explore the site, you’ll notice I love music and summer means we can enjoy LIVE MUSIC OUTSIDE. 🙂 I’m SO stoked because I’m going to see Zac Brown Band at Blossom Music Fairgrounds and then camping at Electric Forest. Basically, I. CAN’T. WAIT.

 I have a bunch of friends and family events in June so I am looking forward to enjoying time with loved ones. I am also fully ready to embrace and take full advantage of summer clothes!… You’ve got to soak up the sun when you can when you live in the Midwest.  And… GO CAVS!


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