Lifestyle Interview – May Edition

Flowers aren’t the only thing blooming this spring. While we were chatting on the phone last week, we both expressed how refreshed we were feeling with our creativity and energy in general. To keep the momentum going, we are starting a new post series where we dive into our lifestyle goals each month.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re focusing on in May!

With every season change comes the opportunity to refresh. What’s going on with your closet this spring?

Nikki: During the month of May, I am going to be focusing on weening out articles of clothing from my wardrobe.  If I haven’t worn it in a year, it’s out!  If I am even questioning it, it’s out!

Amanda: I am definitely feeling the whole “Spring Cleaning” thing this year. Since I’m in the process of moving, I have extra motivation to clean through all my clothes and accessories and donate what I don’t need anymore!

What’s currently going on in your kitchen?

Nikki: I want to focus on eating clean!  All of my meals will contain natural, real, whole foods.  Eating clean has been inconsistent for me and I really would like to adopt a clean eating lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I will indulge in a sweet here or there.  But ultimately, I want the foods that I put in my body to be natural.

Amanda: Over the last few months I’ve tried a few times to completely eliminate sugar (even from fruit) which would last about a week each time. During the month of May, I want to focus on eliminating processed sugar but still enjoy the natural sweetness from fruit as dessert. I will also be indulging in a few margaritas today (cause its Cinco de Mayo) and of course the occasional bottle, I mean glass of wine 😉

What are you focusing on when it comes to fitness?

Nikki: I want to focus on doing outdoor activities as my workouts.  This includes riding my bike, taking my dog Stella for walks, doing my 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts outside and hopefully finding other ways to embrace the outdoors for exercise.

Amanda: Unfortunately I’ve been battling minor irritations with many muscle groups on and off over the last few months. They aren’t quite injuries, but definitely borderline so I don’t want to push it into becoming a full blown injury. That said, I also want to stay active as much as possible so I’m going to spend this month focusing on rebuilding strength through body weight & light weight exercises plus some extra attention on core strength.

How will you stay motivated and on track with your goals this month?

Nikki: I would like to focus on being consistent with my clean eating.  This has really been a struggle for me.  There are times where I feel that I binge on certain foods because I restrict myself from them, and I really want to move towards a lifestyle of balance.  With that being said, I want to put less pressure on myself when I do have a treat here or there.  My body and mind work hard throughout the week and I need to be proud of all they can do rather than beat them down because I enjoyed a piece of Key Lime Pie (which is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE treat in the world if you didn’t already know).

Amanda: The biggest thing for me is to practice patience since all of the things I mentioned above require it. Especially when it comes to healing my body on the fitness side and adjusting my nutrition, I’m learning to accept the process. I’ve always known and accepted it would be a lifestyle change and journey but secretly was still hoping for fast results. To help me stay on track and build better habits I downloaded the Productive app, which I really like so far.

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