May Spotify Playlist

This playlist was originally created as an express format for my audition last week (30 mins w/ 3-5 minute warm up/cool down so ~24 mins of work)

This ride = endurance + strength + intervals designed to emphasize good FORM.

During the audition I gave RPM and gear ranges plus reminders for even pedal strokes, relaxed shoulders and a solid core.

That’s where the playlist really has to be on point – the music has to make sense with the tempo and movements throughout the ride.


styleeatsweatrepeat playlist

But this playlist! It came together so easily and delivered the perfect vibe throughout the whole audition class. I told someone before class – if nothing else there will be good music.

I love all the tracks in this line up because they all have that summer with the windows rolled down kinda feel.

Feedback from my audition was great music (check!) and just need to work on voice projection. The good news though is I got the gig & my next ride is Sunday!   I plan to run with this playlist + some new extras since it will be a full class format this time instead of express style.

Enjoy & hope some of these tracks make it on your next workout playlist!

xx Amanda

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