Move it Monday

I have to say that I am very satisfied with my fitness routine lately.  I have been staying strong with my 21 Day Fix workouts, but the meal plan is always a struggle.  It’s just that I enjoy food so much, it’s hard to stay committed.  Hey, peaks and valleys is what I say.  I count every new day as a clean slate.  This past weekend, I ran the Browns 5k, which was somewhat of a challenge since I haven’t been running.  But, I finished strong and was super proud.  I even got an awesome medal!



So today, I am feeling extra motivated.  I am committing to doing a Shaun T Focus T – 25 video in the morning and a 21 Day Fix in the evening every day until we go to Florida for Thanksgiving (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).  I am holding myself accountable here.

I wanted to share one of the workout moves from the Total Body Cardio Fix of the 21 Day Fix.  The move is called the Squat wood chop.  It kind of sounds like a dance move, haha.   Get you fitness on and watch a video of the move here.

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