My Spring Capsule Wardrobe
I have found the answer to the never-ending feeling of “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” and it is: The CASULE WARDROBE.

With every transition of the seasons I go through my closet to get rid of anything I no longer care for. The problem I have now is that I have not been restocking with new items. While having less without adding back has made it easy to have a capsule wardrobe but also challenging to throw some outfits together!

My style right now is all about layers and my eye is drawn to everything bohemian. I have a few new pieces that I’m really excited to mix and match with my existing items.

Over the next few months I’ll be slowly adding back some new items but look forward to being more selective with items that can be universal and get lots of wear. I’m currently working on my summer Wishlist and will post in early June so stayed tuned!

Until then, here are my tips to create a capsule closet of your own…

  1. Get rid of anything that no longer fits properly.
    It is always easier to sort through a space that is already semi clean which is why it pays off to go through things for donation first.
  2. Consider your style mood for the season.
    We all rotate through styles and color schemes we prefer for our personal style. Take these factors into consideration when building you capsule closet. This is another reason why I do this at the beginning of each new season because its seems natural to adjust for the season anyways.
  3. Make a Wishlist for new items.
    The goal of getting new items is to fill the gaps you have in your seasonal wardrobe. Treat yourself to some items you want but limit most others to the pieces that will be best for the season!


Here’s to a good spring season, y’all! 🙂


xx Amanda


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