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Playlist Theme : Day After Christmas…Wish it Was July

I’ve already tracked 435 miles today — in a car traveling back from the Christmas weekend! Happy Monday to everyone who got after a workout today or even on the holiday… getting in the time to sweat is key to surviving all the travel, food and going out the holidays bring.

Not to mention this is the last FULL week before the NEW YEAR. Who’s up for 2017!!??

We are and in cycle class later today, this 55 minute routine kicked off with two warm up tracks, moving into cadence and resistance drills. Hot like it’s July.

SESR cycle playlist

There will be little active recovery, with one full recovery period to really practice the interval and endurance theme of the ride. Did we mention the TABATAS sprints, jumps and stability drills we’ll see?

This playlist was meant to be light with tropical vibes to help pull us through the end of the year and cold winter! While making this playlist I was surprised to get a ton of inspiration for post topic ideas in the new year!

Things related to setting fitness goals, how to strengthen muscle groups, meal planning tips and more. Stay tuned! 🙂




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