Playlist Theme : Hip Hop HIIT

It’s mid-week, AKA Wednesday. Some of us have already worked out twice this week and ALL of us are starting to itch for the weekend…

So here we are – ready for this 55 minute ride or workout 100% interval and endurance. It’s that real HIIT with 2 TABATAs, rolling hills, sprints and jumps. Little recovery means maximum heart rate.

For Jumps : Light it Up & No Lie – 4 count tap backs

Sprints : Give It To Me Twice & Be Right There

For TABATAs : Revolution & Powerful

  • 20 seconds of work [MAX EFFORT] / 10 seconds rest. Repeat 6-8 times.

Peak heart rate drills mixed with some active recovery will make this ride a winner. Over time practicing this type of routine, endurance will continue to build and elevate your cycling or workout session.  A heart rate monitor is actually a great way to track this and to accurately know how much energy your burning during a workout… I do highly recommend my Polar heart rate watch!

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