Playlist Theme : Re-Energize


Now that I got that out there, the theme that is most needed this week’s playlist is RE-ENERGIZE. We’re gunna climb, sprint, keep the heart rate up and sweat it out over 45 minutes.

The feelings for this theme have been adding up for me over the past few weeks grinding at the ‘day job’.  Cycling has always been a workout I can escape with and I must say this ride really flowed together super well.

Starting off with a 2 minute warm up moving fast, into two tracks with alternating speeds and movements like running in 3 and jumps. Transitioning into a 3 song climb with surprise rolling hills.

About 20 minutes into class we take a brief recovery before moving into my favorite drill — TABATAS.  Speed work after a heavy climb has been my jam lately so right after 4 minutes of TABATA, we’ve got four, 30 second standing sprints. Follow THAT with jumps before moving to a lighter road.

Finishing strong with two seated sprints then a two minute cool down and stretch, feeling re-energized for the week ahead. (Because let’s be real – it’s Monday and while we try to love ’em, we’re always craving the weekend haha).

I’ll wrap up by saying get out there and get re-energized!  I hope this playlist inspires a sweet sweat and killer workout!

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