Playlist Theme : Refueling

The name for this theme was inspired from my Kombucha bottle this afternoon while fueling for cycle class. I equally feel the theme of ‘rebirth’ since this is the last class I’ll teach of my set schedule from my first club! Bitter sweet that is for sure so this ride will be full of endurance drills, plus a layer of intervals.

Starting out strong in our warp up a few gear above our flat road into standing jogs and seated sprints. Continue to build resistance and rock it out with Riri is the awesome track, Desperado. We’re Believers through rolling hills into jumps during Fly and then a partial recovery during Don’t Worry Bout It.

Circuit two beings with resetting our resistance 4-5 above our flat road for rolling hills, then the all favorite TABATA during Powerful and testing our endurance Levels by adding more resistance for standing sprints.

Wild Child is a cool track for partial recovery to reconnect with WHY we came to class. Like I mentioned, for me it was to refuel my cycling journey even though this opportunity is coming to an end. I am grateful for the time coaching my wonderful class members and getting to know their stories. It is also nice that I will still be coaching at another gym once a week to keep the cycling flame alive.

Picking back up into the third circuit Love on me for a standing climb, getting ready for seated sprints rolling right into a cool down. Stretch the upper body and channel why we came while we bring down our heart rates and catch our breath. We finish our stretch working our way up starting with calves, the hamstrings, quads and glutes.

I say my good byes and let the team know I’m going to look for all opportunities to sub teach other classes at the club. Sometimes it’s ok to change routines even if its a hard decision. That’s exactly how I feel about this situation but am happy for the moments it gave me.

Cheers and enjoy the ride!

x Amanda


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