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The past week has been a little bit of a roller coaster both mentally and physically. Physically, aches and pains have been settling into multiple muscle groups and mentally, I’ve had a little bit of a short fuse. I’m sure you can imagine both of these combined have made it tough to keep positive momentum going throughout the days.  Luckily when these lower feelings have flared up, I’ve been able to constantly remind myself “You have a choice”. You have a choice to give into the crappy feelings or a choice to fight like hell to rise above.

Without planning it, I noticed almost all the tracks of this week’s playlist give off a break-through kinda vibe, which is something my subconscious must have been chasing after while creating it.

This brings us to the theme for the week = RISE. Rise above your comfort zones. Rise up over your challenges. It’s all about that “fall down get back up again” mentality.


If you’ve felt like I have lately, give this playlist a spin – I’d be surprised if it didn’t help. And if you’ve been feeling just fine, you too can rise up just as much and break-through to new performance levels.

Either way, get out there and get sweaty. You’re future self will thank you 🙂

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