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Playlist Theme: Strength

I’ve been lucky to have a few weeks off between work travel and a vacation to Colorado which ended up being perfect timing since my IT band was acting up and in need of extra rest. While it was nice, I was excited to get back at it this weekend with Cycle for the Cure.

Right away I knew this ride called for endurance and strength. This playlist definitely reflects it – opening up with Sunshine, encouraging everyone to not look down, roaring and rising through the resistance, becoming stronger into a revolution that made the whole class feel unstoppable.

My FAVORITE tracks are Unstoppable by Sia simply for the lyrics and Delilah by Florence and the Machine where we declined from a steep hill each time the beat picked up.

cycle, SESR playlist, cycle playlist, playlist

The only thing left to do now is get after and know you’re stronger than you think! 😉

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