Reunited with American Eagle

Over the weekend I had some errands to run, some of which were returns and exchanges I still had to make from Christmas. Quick side note – it feels like the holidays were months and months ago, when it really hasn’t even been one whole month yet…

Anyway, a sweater that was too big brought me into American Eagle – a store that I can confidently say I have not bought anything from since high school. So here I am over 7 years later thinking I would struggle to use whatever store credit the gave me. I was wrong. I WANTED EVERYTHING.

I circled the store for at least 30 minutes trying to decide which one item I would go home with, aside from the 10-12 hangers I had on my arm. The new t-shirts are so soft, the pant styles are more flattering than the so-low-too-low jeans I remember from back in the day and the jewelry is on point for a ‘trendy meets bohemian’ look.

I ended up choosing this little white crop top from the clearance rack, mostly because it is still way to cold to be thinking about all of the new spring arrivals, BUT I can say American Eagle is back on the map for when I need some casual essentials.

American eagle crop top

Top – still available here.

If I were to have splurged, these are the items I would have bought… and may go back for. (I am absolutely swooning over these clogs!)


Tie Dye Sweater / Jogger Pant / Jegging Pant / Clogs / T-Shirt / Necklace

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