Playlist Theme : Rhythm Reset

Two days left until the New Year! I don’t know why but this year feels like more of a countdown than usual. Maybe it’s because I’m coaching a cycle class everyday this week leading into the New Year and I’m feeling like we’re all getting a head start on any resets or resolutions.

SESR Cycle Playlist

This ride is a rhythm recovery with light intervals and strength, perfect for a Thursday workout so we can get another one in tomorrow; perfect timing for a rest day over the weekend.

Like I keep mentioning, the New Year is right around the corner. I’m not much for resolutions starting exactly on January 1st, but I do believe a new year in general brings new opportunities to reset and live up to a better version of ourselves. What goals do you have in mind? A simple way to get a hear start on 2017 is to begin channeling and visualizing your future goals.




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