Saying Goodbye to a Cycle Class

I mentioned it briefly in this week’s playlist theme post that I’ll be leaving my first ever scheduled cycle class up after this week 🙁

Its been 6 months I’ve been coaching at least 2 classes per week between two different gyms.  While I loved being on the schedule, the timing no longer fit with my personal goals.  Change is always something that will feel uncomfortable – what we have to remember (and the hard part sometimes) is that it’s temporary.

Being a cycle coach is still a strong focus of mine and I will keep my Monday morning class at another gym. This class I’m giving up was ride #2 on Mondays and  double legs was messing with my weight training and workout schedule for the rest of the week.

I’m grateful for the experience to move from a rider in a class to instructor at the Wisconsin Athletic Club. A few things I learned:

  • Riders all ‘listen differently’. I noticed especially when we’re talking resistance, people in class react differently to what that means to them.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for listening to your body and not pushing it too much, BUT I am asking that riders understand resistance is often times essential for form.
  • Spike Energy Throughout Class.  I developed the habit of asking at some point during class “Ask yourself and remember why you came here today”.  I think it sparked from me needing to channel some energy throughout class and now I ask it for a mid-class spark.

The few reasons I mentioned already we’re major to my decision so I can get back on track with my short-term fitness goals, but I’ve also been able to develop my long-term fitness vision.

  • My experience from working at a big-box gym like the WAC – a club w/ 7 locations and over 100 classes per week comes with rules and regulations, and understandably so. I want to run my future gym differently but I learned members in the big box setting are less vocal and passionate about their workouts.
  • Cycling is definitely my cardio of choice but it also is something that I want to explore in shorter sessions. This is also inspired by my personal fitness goals to have more lifting days than cardio. That said, cardio by bike has strength elements that can be incorporated for calorie burn.

I wanted to take some time to note my thoughts around this event because even though fitness jobs like this are a side-job for me, I am working to gain experience in the industry. This goal along with other personal efforts are major elements for growth in my own fitness journey and possibly a future career shift.

Thanks for reading & I dare you today to not shy away from a tough decision. Make it and move on, your gut won’t let you down.


x Amanda

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