Simple Meal: At Home Pizza

My uncle used to say pizza is the best meal because it covers all the major food groups – crust for carbs/grains, sauce for veggies, cheese for dairy and meat toppings for protein. While I can’t say this means we should all eat pizza everyday, this at home version is a great alternative for when you really want pizza, without all the after effects that come with the greasy delivery box.


– Gluten free, thin crust pizza (available at Costco and Trader Joe’s)

– Veggies  of choice (the more the better!)

– Meat of choice (really good with fresh-made sausage!

– Fresh herbs and spices of your choice (garlic, oregano and basil are a tasty combo)

The best part about at home pizzas is you are in control of your toppings so add as much or as little of whatever it is you like. I always opt for a lot of meat and veggies to balance out the cheese and crust. Most bake with almost little to no excess grease and thin crust really helps you not get too full from the empty carbs. All in all a quick win for any day of the week.


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