Tips to Find Your Next Training Shoe

It is always hard for me to do any kind of shoe shopping because I want them all! As you can imagine, this makes it extremely difficult to decide on just one pair. Most recently, I set out to get new shoes for CrossFit / strength and HIIT training. Here are some tricks that helped me find the perfect training shoe.

  • Consider the level of support you will need for the type of workout / training are you doing. For example,
    • Weight training requires a more and even support
    • HIIT / cross training likely has a little more flexible sole to help promote agility
    • Running support varies based on your foot shape and landing patterns
  • What shoes are other people doing similar training wearing?
    • For example, the CrossFit gym I go to is all Reebok or Nike Metcon.

If you try a new brand, test them inside at the gym before exposing them to the pavement outside. It also helps to walk on the tredmil to see how they rub. Doing a variety of exercises in your new shoes will help tell you how comfortable and supportive they are while doing different movements.

I decided on the Nike Metcon 2 and really like them so far. The only thing I might do differently with my next pair is customize them with NikeiD 🙂

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