Traverse City Anniversary Getaway


I’m feeling completely refreshed after my three day weekend getaway in Traverse City, Michigan this past weekend.  My husband Matt and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary in May (5.23.15), so this is the second year we planned a weekend escape to celebrate.

Last year, we planned a last minute camping trip in my dad’s camper at a campground in mid-Ohio.  Although it rained all weekend, we had a great time.

This year, we stayed at a quaint little lake house on Spider Lake in Traverse City, Michigan.  Traverse City it about three and a half to four hours away from where I live in Southeast Michigan – it’s crazy to think Michigan is that big!  Traverse City is really special to Matt and I because he proposed to me there.  It was THE BEST day of my life, and I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be his wife.

Ever since Matt proposed to me, we have made many trips back to northern Michigan.  Words cannot explain how absolutely picturesque northern Michigan is in the summer AND winter time.  We love being on the water, and Lake Michigan is as clear if not clearer than the Caribbean.  We are happiest when we are in Northern Michigan.  We hope to own property up there in our lifetimes.  Read on to get a little taste of northern Michigan.

What We Did:

Matt and I find ourselves enjoying true relaxation mixed with a little bit of adventure when we are on our vacations.  We arrived in Traverse City Thursday evening, so we laid low.  On Friday, we drove up to Northport, Michigan and it was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!  We hiked the trails and got amazing views of the water.  On one of our final trails of the day, we even found morel mushrooms.  JACKPOT BABY!

On Saturday, we continued our hiking adventures in the morning, came home for a quick nap and woke up to take a boat ride.  It was too cold to get in the water, but we paid for the boat so we wanted to get one ride out of it.  Stella LOVED the boat!  We wanted to use as many hours in the day as we could, so we got back out on the trails after the boat ride to do some mushroom hunting.  Overall, we found about 15 mushrooms.

Where We Ate:

Guys, I totally slacked on the food pics, so I only can share photos from our first food stop of the trip.  On Thursday evening we ate a fifties style drive-in restaurant called, “Don’s Drive-In”.  Our curbside experience was to die for.  We enjoyed burgers, fries, and fried mushrooms topped off with milkshakes.

On Friday morning, we ate at our favorite restaurant, Art’s Tavern in Glen Arbor.  It’s a Glen Arbor staple!  Entertain yourself trying to find your college or favorite sports team flag on the ceiling while waiting for your delicious entrée.  I enjoyed their eggs Benedict breakfast.

We ate at The Omelette Shop for breakfast on Saturday morning.  Their fresh squeezed orange juice was HEAVENLY!  We had three glasses, haha.  For dinner Saturday evening, we went to Mode’s Bum Steer.  It was an American dining restaurant noted for their steaks.  We loved their surf and turf.  The steaks were cooked perfectly!  We ended the evening with Moomer’s Homemade Ice Cream – a Traverse City Ice Creamery.

I can’t say enough how much I LOVE Traverse City.  It is one of my absolute favorite places in the world, and I hope to be able to spend a great majority of time there in my life.  Traverse City is a great weekend getaway for families, couples and friends.  There is plenty to keep busy, while making time away feel like a complete escape.  We also love how we can make this trip dog friendly.  We love being able to travel with Stella – she is so good!  We rented a dog friendly cabin, and took her on all of our hikes with us.  Check out all there is to do in Traverse City, Michigan!




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