Typical Toledo Evening




It’s always such a treat when Amanda has to be on site at her day job as we use these opportunities to get together.  We wanted to incorporate the Toledo art and food scenes along with our style for this shoot.

This is a mural by Quizie on the side of a local shop, Handmade Toledo.  Handmade Toledo is a local store that sells the works of local artists – jewelry, glass work, art work, local tee shirts and more.  If you’re ever in Toledo, it’s definitely a shopping destination.  Check out our evening!







Amanda: My soul has been craving the warm weather so I was SUPER excited to get outside and see bright colors & flowers!  I’ve recently cleaned out my closet and have finally started re-stocking with some new items. I snagged this awesome jumper from Old Navy and the shoes from Target. Like Nikki mentioned, I was traveling for work and forgot shoes — but these ended up being such a lucky find. Both of these items remix the belt and necklace I’ve had for a while — all for a little under $50 bucks! 

Nikki:  The sun was shining, temperatures were summer-like, so I wanted to radiate yellow, sunshine vibes for this shoot.  My mom-in-law, Sharon bought this Gianni Bini from Dillard’s for our honeymoon to Jamaica, mon!  I’m on the hunt for gladiator chunky heels in brown, black and gray  – two down, one to go.  I picked these beauties up from TJ Maxx.


We enjoyed a delicious mediterranean dinner from my favorite Lebanese deli, Tiger Bakery, a Toledo staple!  This is another Toledo must-see.  Our spread consisted of Tabouli, Mejadra, Lubia and grape leaves – YUM!  Amanda hit up Target and IKEA and found THE CUTEST props for our shoots.  We can’t wait to show you!

Thanks for stopping in Toledo with us & hope you have plans for a fun weekend ahead!

xx Nikki & Amanda



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